We love the Ford F-150 in Texas, and it's hard to drive on Highway 59 without seeing one or twelve.  It may be the most common, but it's not the most reliable vehicle, according to Consumer Reports.  So what is?

If you guessed Honda, that's a little further down the list.  Toyota seems to have a good reputation too and they usually make the "good car" lists.  This time they're in second place and not for the model you might guess.

Consumer Reports came out with its list of the most reliable auto brands, and Ford is the highest-ranking US company at number 18.  Not super high.  In fact, there are no American automakers in the top ten.  But we sure do see a lot of American cars on the roads in Texas.

Ford was the most dependable brand of all the domestics, according to Consumer Reports, and the good ole Taurus was the best model.  The Mustang and Explorer were worse than average because of issues with the climate system and body hardware.

Did your brand make the list?

Most Reliable Car Brands and Top Model:

1. Lexus - GX
2. Toyota - Prius C
3. Mazda  - MX-5 Miata
4. Subaru - Crosstrek
5. Kia - Sedona
6. Infiniti - Q60
7. Audi - Q5
8. BMW - i3
9. Mini - Countryman
10. Porsche - 911

Some cars end up in the shop more than others with strange rattles and check engine lights signaling some kind of trouble.  Some of the biggest complaints of drivers that ranked their vehicles as unreliable were transmission problems, frozen display screens, coolant leaks, rough shifting, steering wheel vibrations, issues with the climate system, and problems with the torque converter. Problems you never think you'll encounter the day you sign the papers and drive it off the lot.

Some of those are quick fixes, and others will mean you'll be in a loaner car for a week. And hopefully, the loaner is a Lexus, Toyota, or Mazda.

For the complete reliability list, click HERE.

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