Around this same time every year - I'm talking about the conclusion of the World Series - something happens that I look forward season begins. It's always a big deal for me. I mean, others are caught up in football stuff. Now, I'm not knocking football. I enjoy watching those games, but basketball is my favorite.

I break out my San Antonio Spurs swag - shirts, jerseys, caps, etc. - and I'm ready to go. Even though this year, the image of the Spurs will be completely different, with several different players leaving and retiring, I'm still ready to watch them take the court. And, it's not just the Spurs. I look forward to college hoops as well. It doesn't even matter to me which teams are playing, professional or college, as long as I'm watching basketball.

Some people say that they're that way with football. That on Sunday afternoon or Monday evening, they can relax and watch whoever happens to be on TV at that time. Me? Not so much. However, if it's basketball, I'm down. And, if the Spurs are playing, it's just that much better. So, needless to say, my silver and black is ready to go. Also, my purple and white are ready, because I rather enjoy watching the Lumberjacks, too. *Side note: They start next week.*

So, if you don't hear from me, chances are that I'm watching the game. And, as always: #GoSpursGo!

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