Just a few days ago the City of Lufkin had absolutely no water going to homes. Then once we got water, we had to boil it to drink it. Starting just recently we didn't have to boil it anymore. Then yesterday 02/23/2021, we went back to high water usage activities. It all happened very quickly. Thanks to the City of Lufkin workers for that. This same situation has played out in towns across the Pineywoods.

What constitutes a high water usage activity? Some would like to focus on car washing, because it's obvious to everyone in the neighborhood. It's actually the things that we that do behind closed doors that use the most water.

Toilet flushing is the one thing that accounts for the most usage in your home. Every flush using between 1.6 and 7 gallons. If you were thinking about conserving water, this is the place to start. If you are using a toilet that was built before 1982 you could be using 5-7 gallons per flush. Put in a new low flow toilet, it will save you money, and conserve water.

Right behind toilet flushing the highest water usage for homes goes to showering and bathing. Dishwashing come in third. This is one where we can all make an easy change to our normal actives and save water. If you have a modern dishwasher, it actually uses less water than washing your dishes by hand in the sink. 

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For many people that seems counter intuitive. If you have a newer dishwasher, quit pre-washing your dishes before putting them in. Just scrape the big stuff into the trash, and pop it in. You'll be amazed that they are still just as clean, and you will be saving water.

Industry uses a ton of water. Even making electricity uses more water than you would think. I am assuming this kind of high water use was what the city was talking about.

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