The twin cities submitted water samples for lab testing yesterday, and their samples have passed. We had been under a mandate to boil our water for drinking, handwashing, and hand washing. Basically anything that would cause ingestion of the water.

This is only for the residents of Lufkin and Nacogdoches. If you are not sure which water you are on check your bill or contact your landlord. If you get your water from another source, continue to look to them for guidance on what to do.

We are very lucky in our area to have such a quick fix for our water situations. In Houston the boil water notices were lifted this time yesterday, but some residents still don't have water. 

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Now that we have lifted all these boil water notices that brings a few other things that we must do. First give the water lines a flush. Turn on the cold water tap in each faucet and run them for a bit. You should also use a brush and clean your faucet and aerator. You might want to remove it, and make sure it's clear of debris. If you recently had to make a plumbing repair, this would be a good practice.

Change the filter cartridge in your refrigerator or ice maker. Throw out any ice that was made during the boil water notice. Wash out your bin area.

I know a lot of this sounds extreme, but there is a reason they tell you not to drink the water in certain countries. That might be because they are not sanitized to the standards in our homes.

Still no word on if we can resume normal activities like car washing, but I am sure that will come soon.

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