If there's anything Texans love, it's Texas itself. Ironically, Texas Independence Day can often be overlooked in the hustle and bustle of events that happen this time of year. Especially after months and months of dealing with a pandemic. This year, let's change that.

So, let's take a moment to remember our history. In brief, Texas Independence Day is coming, next Tuesday, March 2. It was on this day in 1836 that Texas declared its independence from Mexico and thus, the Republic of Texas was born. If you'd like to take a deeper look, History.com has an in-depth lesson  for your perusal.

OK, so now let's talk about some of the ways, large and small, one might choose to celebrate Texas, our Texas.

How about a road trip? Hey, if you're feeling froggy, and don't mind adhering to any Covid precautions that may still be in place, why not take a little jaunt down the road to one of the gatherings and/or festivals going on to commemorate the day? Yes, there are still plans for some, despite the pandemic. Although, they may look a little different.

There's lots of little spots all over our great state that tell parts of the story. One particular point of interest may be Gonzales. I've bet you've seen many a pic of the famous cannon alongside the words: "Come and Take It." Gonzales allow you to stand literal inches from that very cannon.

Another option? How about the first site of the Texas Capitol? Find that here.  Additionally, the Texas Independence Trail offers several historic places of significance to early Texas history, including Sam Houston's birthplace--not far from Huntsville. Learn more about that here.

Looking to celebrate in more close-to-home ways? Even just a simple acknowledgement qualifies as commemorating the day. If you've not already, spruce up that Texas flag and let it fly!

Have food and beer that are Texas made--there's so many options to choose from. I mean, after all, we were our own country at one time. We know how to do it all. Pop some of those leftover fireworks from New Year's--as long as you keep it lawful, of course. ;)

And hey, at the very least, give yourself permission to dig into a nice big bowl of Blue Bell--it's Texas Independence Day after all and Texans love their Blue Bell.

How do you like to celebrate Texas Independence Day? Let us know if you have more ideas in the comment section below.

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