This is prep week for the big Super Bowl Party February 5th, and we're all searching for the best recipes to impress our friends, and satisfy the big holes in our stomachs that need gooey, fattening foods.

While other states are looking for "Oven Mac n Cheese" and "Buffalo Wing Dip," Texas is looking for a guilty pleasure that we might be a little ashamed about. Here's why.

Google released the most searched-for foods for Super Bowl parties this week, and said Texas is looking for Football Cupcake recipes more than anything else.

That's basically cupcakes with a little white icing on top to look like laces. Do we really need Google for that?  Oh Texas, we can do better!  Give us a little time and we'll be searching for brisket nachos and seven-layer dip again, and all will be right with the world.

Oklahoma is searching for Oven Mac n Cheese, and Louisiana is searching for Creamy Shrimp Crabmeat And Spinach Dip.  That's more like it.

What's the must-have at your Super Bowl party?  Buffalo Wing Dip, Pepperoni Dip, and Jalapeno Poppers are some other ideas.

All of the above?  Ok then.  The Cowboys and Texans are out, so we might as well concentrate on the food.  And the commercials of course.


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