Some of those national and world holidays get a little weird, but this one we can totally get behind.

Today (March 6th) is World Oreo Day, and I'm celebrating with Oreo Balls.  This recipe is the easiest thing you'll ever make, and it's totally addictive.

Oreo balls are exactly what they sound like.  Oreo cookies in ball form.  And they're super easy to make.  This is all you need:

1 package of oreos

1 package of 8 oz. cream cheese

1 package of white candy coating

Crumble up the Oreos in a big mixing bowl, add softened cream cheese and mix it together.  Let that chill in the fridge for half an hour, then break off little pieces and roll them into bite-sized balls.  Have some waxed paper nearby, and dip the balls into the melted candy coating.  Let them set up on the waxed paper and then eat 'em!

And they freeze well.  We made them at Christmas at my house, and we just polished off the last ones straight out of a Ziploc bag from the freezer last week.  Those Girl Scout Thin Mints might be the most famous freezer cookie, but I give you something to rival that on World Oreo Day.

I think I got the recipe from my cousin several years ago, and I've been making them ever since.  It's a great way to cram about five times the calories of a regular Oreo into one bite, so I thought I'd share.  Happy Oreo Day!

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