Here we go again with the crazy candy choices topping the list.  Just when we had come to grips with Texans choosing a non-chocolate Halloween candy as their favorite, more sweet-toothed neighbors of ours have weighed in and chosen a favorite seasonal candy that doesn't melt in our mouths.  Bah humbug!  See if you love this choice. has come up with a map of the favorite Christmas candies by state, and Texas picks the Pez.  Nothing wrong with those Smartie-like little pellets of hard sugar that come in cute dispensers that keep the kids occupied, but as a chocolate-loving mom of three, I have to ask -- where's the gooey stuff?

South Dakota for the win.  They may have it right with the Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.  That's number one up there, and M & M's are tops in Idaho, Alabama, and Rhode Island.

Candy love is really case-by-case, and there's nothing stopping us from eating a Snickers in a Pez-loving state I suppose.  But perhaps chocolate lovers in Texas should rebel against this madness and consider those who voted for anything other than cocoa beans as the top Christmas candy to be the ultimate fun-ruiners.  These are probable the same people who end the office Christmas party early when it gets too wild.

More chocolate!  We're not counting calories until January anyway, right?

Can we melt the Pez in some hot chocolate?  Okay, then maybe you're onto something.  As long as we can put a chocolate Kiss on top.

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