If you weren't watching the History Channel last night, you missed out on seeing modern-day daredevil Travis Pastrana breaking three of Evel Knievel's record jumps.

Travis' first jump was 143 feet, over 52 cars. This broke Evel's record of 120 feet, and 50 cars.

The second jump was 192 feet, over 16 buses. This broke the original Evel record of 133 feet, over 14 buses.

The third and final jump by Travis was 149 feet, over the fountain in front of Caesar's Palace - the fountain is 15 feet tall. The Evel record was 141 feet.

All of these were truly awesome. However, I think these Travis Pastrana jumps would have looked different if he took an East Texas approach. Go with me on this one...


  • Courtesy Steve Rixx
    Courtesy Steve Rixx

    The BBQ Pit Jump

    I'm not sure about the math on this one, since all pits are different sizes. However, he could've jumped a bunch of them, all at once - and yes, they would have to be active, so that he could go flying through the BBQ smoke. It's a trip for all the senses.

  • Getty Images
    Getty Images

    The Truck Jump

    For jump number two, Travis would need to go flying over a bunch of pickups. We're in Texas, what'd you expect?

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    The Surfin' Steve Jump

    Just find a different fountain...we did! Travis could set up right in the middle of the Stephen F. Austin campus and jump over Surfin' Steve! It's perfect!

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