You've seen it on the news everywhere or maybe you've been a victim of it, but thefts of catalytic converters from vehicles has gone through the roof with no end in sight. Just a quick google search of "catalytic converters" and you will see dozens of headlines and mugshots of folks getting arrested for sawing off these auto parts.

Why Are Folks Stealing Catalytic Converters you ask?


Because those parts contain the precious metals like "platinum" which can be sold for top dollar. While the amount of precious metals inside individual "cats" are minimal, if you are able to get enough of them, thieves can score literally thousands of bucks per OUNCE depending on the metal.

One ring was just busted in Houston with over 1400 Converters Valued at over $4 Million Dollars.

With that much money on the line for a small but important part of your car, you can now understand why thefts like these are on the rise all across the country. East Texas is not immune from the wave as we're learning of 3 people in Rusk County who just got busted.

Three people were arrested Monday night and are accused of cutting a catalytic converter from a truck, according to the Rusk County Sheriff.

Deputies were called to a residence on CR 438 West in reference to three suspects underneath a vehicle. The caller stated that it looked like the suspects were getting something from under his truck in his yard.

Prior to Deputies arrival, the suspects left the area in a Tahoe and a good description of it was given out over the radio.

Dmitriy Eremenkov

Within minutes, a Rusk County deputy located the Tahoe not far from the scene at the dollar store. Deputies at the crime scene advised that the catalytic converter had been cut from the complainant's truck. Officers located the converter in the possession of the three suspects in the Tahoe.

All three were taken into custody and charged with Engaged in Organized Criminal Activity and transported to the Rusk County Jail.

Rusk County Sheriff's Office/ Canva
Rusk County Sheriff's Office/ Canva

April Corley, Wesley Bromley, and Jarod Brown are currently waiting on magistration. Check out this report on how you can possibly prevent getting your CAT stolen.

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