Everyone knows that anytime you buy a new, or pre-owned vehicle, you get temporary paper tags. These are usually valid for only a month or two, giving you enough time to get the vehicle registered, get it insured, etc. However, there are some people that are printing their own tags, to keep from having to pay those extra fees, such as insurance.

However, that looks like that will be changing soon, at least here in Texas. According to KPRC2 out of Houston, the DMV will be making the switch to new temporary tags that have more security features. The post from KPRC2 can be found below:

The new tags will have larger fonts for the temporary license number and expiration dates, making them easier to see than the current tags. Also, there will be a barcode for scanning printed directly onto the tags as well.

All of these changes are set to take place in December.

Have you seen any of those paper tags in our neck of the woods? I know that I have. And, nine times out of ten, they're on cars that look like they might fall to pieces right in the middle of the road. You know the ones that I'm talking about, the ones that you just know wouldn't pass inspection.

What are your thoughts on this process? Will it help out any? We'd love to hear from you, in the comments below.

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