Looks like you waited to the last minute to figure out what to get your significant redneck other, for Valentines Day. He already sent you flowers at work, got dinner reservations, and gave you your spa day gift card. That's easy for him, and you have a manly man on your love list. Here are some real gift ideas to keep those home fires burning, long after Valentines.

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    Movie Passes

    Action movies are the way to a man's heart. Get on Fandango, and get him and his buddies some tickets to the latest flick. Just make sure there are plenty of explosions. I always walk out of movies like that thinking I can do anything. Plus, this way you won't have to go see it with him.

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    Car Cleaning Supply Gift Basket

    Take a look in the garage, and see what types of things he likes to use to clean up the vehicles. Then get a car wash bucket, and fill it up with the best of the best. I like the Turtle Wax Ice line of products, I just think they are the best. Plus, you might even get him to clean up your SUV after he gets done with the truck.

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    Knifes, Knifes, Knifes

    I have a different knife for every outfit. He can always use another one. I use mine for opening all kinds of things. He might use his to skin a deer. Just stop by the local sporting goods store and ask the guy at the counter. I like Kershaw knives. They open smooth, and are great quality in every price range. From $20 TO $100 there is something for every budget.

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    Wheels And Tires

    There is just something about a pickup truck with custom wheels and tires. Stop in to your local tire store with your man and let him pick something out. Terms like offset, rotating mass, and wheel diameter will be thrown around. This will make his day, and if he gets it leveled, he can help you get in.

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    Man Bouquet

    This is an easy one, and you could just stop by the convenience store on the way home. Pick up a six pack of his favorite beer, beef jerky, chewing tobacco, Reese, and jam it decoratively in the six pack. He will think of you every time he enjoys his favorite things out of the pack.