UPDATE: The showtimes for "Black Panther" have increased by many screenings for the date previously in question.



A few Lufkinites spotted a bit of strangeness in the showtimes for the upcoming Marvel movie, Black Panther.

You can see for yourself, that there is a huge gap between screenings for this Saturday, (February 17th)

It almost seems as if the movie itself is 5 hours long, but a quick Google search of the movie's run time clears that up quickly.


And while many people think this is normal practice for our theaters, here's a look at the showtimes for "Peter Rabbit." Granted, the theater showing this kid movie isn't the same as the theater showing 'Black Panther,' but it shows the capabilities of our local theaters and the downtime between screenings.

'Black Panther' is another installment of the Marvel superhero franchise. Many people have taken their children to see 'Guardians of the Galaxy' and 'Iron Man," and while the subject matter of 'Black Panther' might be a bit more heavy and grown up, it's still about a super powered man fighting the forces of evil. Don't forget, 'Black Panther' is technically a Disney movie, after all.

Even 'Peter Rabbit' has already been met with controversy, with Sony having to apologize for the inclusion of an attack scene in which the rabbits use blackberries to attempt to kill the main villain.


Check out the showtimes for 'Back Panther' at the theaters in Tyler, Texas. You'll note that there aren't any 5+ hour gaps between screenings.


We can also rule out that they think it's going to be a bad movie since currently has a score of 97% fresh at Rottentomatoes, and 87% on Metacritic.

So maybe it's a typo or mistake. Maybe the theater in the Lufkin mall is just allowing for an open window to adjust showtimes depending on how big of a crowd shows up. When the Cinemark 12 showed "IT," they had to open up more screens to show the movie in 30 minute intervals because each room was packed.

We've tried to make contact with the manager of the AMC, but she hasn't responded to our emails in the past.

They've still got time to make changes, or update their website's showing times, so we'll give them the benefit of the doubt.

What do you think about these huge gaps between screenings of "Black Panther"? Are we barking up the wrong tree, or asking the wrong questions? Leave your thoughts in the comments below and let's get a discussion going.

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