The current city of Nacogdoches slogan is "The Oldest Town In Texas". Let me preface this post by saying: I HAVE NOTHING AGAINST THIS SLOGAN. I just wanted to play around with some new ideas for a city slogan.

The current one speaks for itself. Considering it was founded in 1779, there isn't much to be argued when calling Nac the oldest town in Texas. But, I thought, perhaps we could find a slogan or two that might highlight current features of the town.

Maybe something like, "Experience the life of a Lumberjack." Nothing against giving SFA a plug, considering that it's pretty much the center of the town, and what goes on in town.

Then there are local celebrities to think about. It may sound simple, but "Hometown of Clint Dempsey," could bring attention to the town. Nothing like a world-renowned athlete to help boost town interest.

Or, you could even latch onto some of the other local attractions, like "The Blueberry Jewel of Highway 21". That way, you highlight the famous Blueberry Festival that occurs every summer.

Again, these are just a few ideas. I'm not setting up petitions or anything like that to change the city slogan. For as long as I've been alive, it's been known as "The Oldest Town In Texas," so I have no problem with keeping it that way.

If you've got some other ideas for possible city slogans, let us know!

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