Happy Fat Tuesday!  King Cakes are everywhere today, but would you want to try one with Crawfish Etouffee poured all over the top of it?  Oh Louisiana, you have really outdone yourself this time.

There's a place in Baton Rouge that's gaining attention today for a Fat Tuesday creation like you've never seen before.

The inventive chef starts with a King Cake and pairs that with Crawfish Etouffee.  But rather than set the two side by side and let the Etouffee be the main course and chase it with some of the King Cake for dessert, he dumps the Etouffee right on top of the cake and lets it soak in and appropriately calls it the Crawfish Etouffee King Cake.  It's that sweet-salty combination that we love and crave so much, in a way that we've never experienced before.  And may not love as much.  Or will we?  Oh, it's Fat Tuesday.  Anything is worth a try.

Stinky's Fish Camp in Baton Rouge is the place to go, if you want to hop in the car and try to make the big Fat Tuesday celebration tonight.  They may have some leftovers tomorrow too.

Would you want to try this fishy, savory, sweet, and salty creation?  You could probably grab a few King Cakes tomorrow when the grocery stores put them on sale, and whip up your own similar dish at home.  Oh, and the real thing is topped with andouille croutons if you really want to go all out.

Whether it's King Cakes, Jambalaya, Gumbo, or a good old Po' Boy, have a great Fat Tuesday.  It all pairs will with a beer, or a King Cake Martini.

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