The Nacogdoches County Exposition & Civic Center will have this event on Saturday, May 20th. It's Drill in the Pines! Equestrian Drill Team Competitions are fun to participate in, and spectators are invited.

This is an all day event going on in Nacogdoches from 8 am - 7 pm.

This is all put together by the Roselake Ranch Drill Team. "Drill In The Pines" Equestrian Drill Team Competition will bring competitors from all of the great big state of Texas. Equestrian Drill Teams and Mounted Color Guard Units will compete in several different divisions. Adult, Youth, Novice, Theme, Gaited, Rodeo, Championship, and Challenged riders.

Black horse on white
Getty Images/iStockphoto

If you are a fan of this amazing special, just show up during that day, and take some time to enjoy the beautiful horses and heated competitions. Just gives me shivers to watch these skilled riders come out into the arena. If this is your favorite part of a rodeo, and you can't get enough, this is the event to see the best of the best. The faster they go, the bigger the lump in the back of your throat.

Check them out on facebook at the Nacogoches Expo Center to let them know you are interested in an event like this.

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