It's tough to find worse service than this.

Police in Massapequa, N.Y. arrested IHOP waitress Rhonda Kelly after she held a knife and threatened a family with special needs children she was serving last week. Both kids are under the age of four.

The Cocuzza family went out for a meal, but father Chris said the waitress, Rhonda Kelly, 50, had "an attitude right from the beginning." Words were soon exchanged and the manager recommended the family leave. As the family was walking out, they heard an employee comments about the kids' disabilities, so they turned back inside, only for the entire crew on duty to huddle around them while Kelly held a steak knife.

Kelly was arrested on menacing charges. IHOP released a statement saying, in part, "Multiple employees reacted to what they viewed as an immediate threat to their personal safety."

Chris denies and charge that he made a threat and says one of his kids can back up the claim Kelly made a motion with the knife.

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