You can get flowers at Aundrea's Originals all the way until 5 in the afternoon on Mother's Day.

I don't mean to be sexist or generalize an entire gender here, but c'mon guys. You know we tend to procrastinate.

It's not too late to go classic and get your mom, your wife, your grandma, or ANYONE who should feel special, that perfect bouquet of flowers.

Aundrea's Originals is one of the East Texas local businesses that is looking to help you out in your time of need.

With Mother's Day just a few days away, graduations just around the corner, Weddings, and more ... It's good to have a go-to flower shop nearby.

Aundrea's Originals is located at 2084 Old Diboll Hwy, Burke, Texas. It's just South of Lufkin.


Where do you get you're flowers? Let us know your go to spots, and if you're willing to give Aundrea's Originals a shot at keeping you out of the doghouse.

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