Motorists on I-30 down in Dallas, Texas found themselves in a sticky situation yesterday morning after an accident involving an 18-wheeler carrying thousands of eggs crashed and ended up shutting down the freeway.

Early Monday morning, around 4 AM traffic came to a standstill after an 18-wheeler hit a bridge post on I-30 near the I-45/US-75 interchange.  The impact of the crash was so intense, that it caused the truck to spill all of its cargo out onto the freeway.

According to WFAA, the truck was transporting tens of thousands of eggs which were headed to a distribution center operated by Eggland’s Best.  Unfortunately, after the truck crashed it ended up spilling around 35,000 pounds of eggs all across the interstate.  WFAA reported that about $90,000 worth of eggs were lost in the accident. Despite the loss of cargo and damage to the truck, the driver was not injured in the accident.

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The accident created a huge mess that required officials to close down the westbound side of I-30 and divert traffic onto I-45.  This caused massive delays during morning rush hour traffic.  The freeway remained closed for much of the day, while crews cleaned up the wreckage, spilled fuel, and cracked eggs.

It took crews most of the day to clean up the mess from the wreck.  An absorbent mixture had to be poured onto the concrete to clean up all of the cracked eggs.  Shortly after 3 PM, the Texas Department of Transportation was able to reopen all of the lanes on the westbound side of I-30.

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