Don’t you just hate it when a restaurant messes your order up?

It’s bad enough when they leave onions on something when you clearly stated “no onions” when you placed your order, but it’s even worse when they leave something out altogether. I mean, it is a real pain in the ass to have to go back to the place and get whatever it was you were shorted.

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Personally, I only go back to the restaurant when they leave out something big, like the burger or fries that I ordered – not one chicken wing. And I certainly wouldn’t go back and pour hand sanitizer all over the cash registers and counter, throw the empty bottle at one of the employees and then pull a gun on him when he comes at me.

But that’s exactly what a dude down in Grand Prairie did.

That’s right, that dude destroyed property and pulled a gun over one chicken wing. I’m no lawyer, but I’m pretty sure that’ll result in a deadly conduct charge, which can be charged as a felony here in Texas.

The good thing about this day and age is that people will absolutely drag you on social media when you act the fool. So, let’s sit back and watch this dude get roasted on Twitter.

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