Airports aren't for the faint of heart these days. We may not be in the thick of it like we were during mask season, but folks get crazy when they travel. If you missed it, Spirit Airlines has responded to this wild viral DFW fight video out of Dallas, TX, last week.

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Listen, I know airplane travel is stressful. Gone are the glamourous days of air travel (if they ever even existed outside of Hollywood). My wife and I just took our three daughters to California last week and, yeah, it was stressful but our experience with Southwest Airlines was great... Certainly better than whatever lead to this video.

We are aware of this altercation. Our vendor at DFW has suspended the agent. Spirit Airlines does not tolerate violence of any kind, and we are working with local law enforcement to investigate this matter. - @SpiritAirlines

According to Spirit Airlines official Twitter account, the employee from the video has been suspended, and they are working with law enforcement to investigate the matter. 

Watch the video below and you'll see the airline employee, in the maroon shirt, yelling at a woman, saying "you have lost your mind...don't you touch me ever in your life."

The woman yells at him to "get out of my face," all the while pushing him. He's not doing much to deescalate, but you can watch and hear as the woman hurls racial and homophobic slurs at the man. Soon after another man steps in the woman decides to hit the airline employee. After that the employee runs after the woman, knocks her down, and smacks her back.

Watching the video, I think we can all conclude there is plenty of blame to go around, and while we don't know what began the altercation, this level of name calling and hitting is quite shocking.

Airlines are overbooked, tensions are high, but you gotta train your employees to deescalate situations like these. What are your thoughts on this altercation?

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