Why do bad things happen to good people? Or, in this case, good companies?

As we were out driving during our lunch break today, we looked up and saw this:


Yes, that is a Blue Bell delivery truck being towed. Now, if you're like 98% of East Texans, your mind automatically jumps back to the Blue Bell Famine of 2015. You begin to have thoughts such as, "Oh no! Don't take it away again!"

Now, chances are that this particular time was nothing more than vehicular problems on this truck. He probably ran out of gas, had a dead battery, or something along those lines. Still, when you see this:


It does tend to make you think twice about your decision to not pick up Blue Bell at the store...I mean, what if something were to happen...again...?

What if you didn't get Blue Bell when you had the chance, it went away, and you had to wait a minimum of three years to get it back? Personally, I wouldn't want to go without ice cream sandwiches for that long for a second time in my life. I'm through taking that stuff for granted!

I guess the only thing left to say would be, "Get well soon, Blue Bell truck!"


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