Don't expect an extended period of bone chilling cold in East Texas this winter.

If you're wanting winter to be down right cold, like my wife does, it appears as if you'll have to go to the northern plains and upper mid-West this winter. The Climate Prediction Center has just released their predictions for our Winter months, December through February, and it looks like it's going to be a warmer than average winter this year, like much of the nation. According to predictions, there's not a part of the country that will experience below average temperatures, but that's not to say there won't be below average temperatures.

When it comes to precipitation, it looks like we'll be excited when it rains. It's predicted that much of East Texas, along with central Texas, the Gulf coast and Louisiana are going to be without much rain this year. Most of the rainfall is going to be across the northern tier of the nation with above average precipitation.

With the images above, our winter looks to be warmer and drier this year. NOAA's Climate Prediction Center releases three month outlook each month. The next scheduled update will be given on November 21st and let's hope it changes and is more favorable to winter conditions for East Texas.

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