If a day trip to Dallas is in your future, you might want to make a detour and experience this very interesting public facility. It makes for a great photo op and will really catch your friends' and families' eyes on social media.

You wouldn't think that a public bathroom would be on the must-visit list, but this one just hits differently. This facility opened in 2012 and has one thing that you wouldn't expect.

It has a sink, toilet, paper towels, and toilet paper - all the things you would expect to find in a normal bathroom. The fact that from the inside you can see everything going on outside in the busy downtown area of Sulpher Springs while you do your uh, business, is not.

Strange See-Through Bathroom With A View In Sulpher Springs, Texas

Though you can see everything going on around you while inside, luckily no one can see anything when they look at the see-through loo.  From the outside, the toilet room turned art installation just looks like a small cube made of mirrors.

Once inside you can't really control what goes on outside. You might see some strange things, especially if no one knows you are inside. 

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There is a massive chess set right next to it. While your friends wait for you to come out, they will have something to do and you can watch their game.

Weird But Strangely Liberating Art Piece in Sulpher Springs, Texas 

Everyone in Sulpher Springs is well aware that this is the most noteworthy thing about their city. It's been there for over ten years; I'm sure they are so over it.

I feel for them, but that just means more potty time for us. If you love to travel, Haley on TikTok @readysetjetset is a great one to follow. Check out her visit.


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