The Houston Police department unleashed a fleet of "Ghost Camaros" last year to try to apprehend reckless drivers. The Texas Department Of Public Safety has now one-upped them with this beefed-up Dodge Challenger Hellcat Redeye.

I assume the DPS obtained this vehicle from a seizure, but anything is possible. That is beside the point really, because it's already been seen on the streets of Harris County picking off drivers that use public roads as their private racetrack.

These crooks are sometimes hard to catch, routinely hitting 140+ mph easily with cars that should be reserved for the track. The Texas Department Of Public Safety gets into about 900 high-speed chases a year for things like evading arrest.

Texas DPS Gets A Super Charged Dodge Challenger Hell Cat Redeye

Black Diamond Custom Wraps in Cypress, Texas just finished doing a custom wrap on the vehicle to give it that distinctive DPS look. Its instantly recognizable black and white theme will leave no doubt that the law is on your tail.

If you had a stock Challenger Hellcat Redeye you would easily be pushing 800hp, but with a few bolt-on modifications you can get it well over 1,000hp like this one. It is meant as a deterrent, but this is also a great marketing tool for recruiting gearheads that have been considering a job with the DPS.

I follow Black Diamond Custom Wraps on TikTok and they have many amazing vehicles going through their shop on a daily basis. Take a look at the wrap they completed for this trooper.

See This DPS Dodge Challenger Hellcat Redeye In Houston, Texas

In an effort to cut down on reckless driving this 1080hp monster is patroling the streets of Harris County.
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