Wendi's Bar & Grill in Apple Springs just put their new menu up on their Facebook page. It was just a picture of a pink piece of paper with the names of the food they offer and some prices.

You wouldn't think that a menu would rile people up so much on Facebook, but this is a strange time on all platforms of social media. The reason for the post was that Wendi's on the River located at 22801 Hwy 94 North in Apple Springs raised their prices.

When small businesses try to raise prices there will always be pushback from some customers. The truth of the matter is that inflation is slamming small businesses across the country and they have to raise prices to survive in this new economy.

Loyal Customers Of Wendi's Sports Bar Argue Online About Price Increase In Apple Springs, Texas

Owner, Wendi O'Shaughnessy, is currently in Facebook jail so she can't really reply on the page as she would like to. Patrons and friends came to her aid when people said some disparaging things about the prices.

It was great to see their support and after reading the comments, it's hard not to think that Wendi's might just be a hidden gem of a restaurant in Apple Springs. There were so many positive comments about the food, ice-cold beer, and the price increase. The conversation will most likely result in more business for this establishment than ever before.

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There might just be a line of people to try the Wendi Melt, a huge patty melt with bacon and jalapenos for $12.75. Take a look at the menu and a few of the comments below.

Wendi's via Facebook
Wendi's via Facebook

Some Customers Didn't Like The Prices 

Cut the menu in half lower your prices and stop killing yourself in the kitchen. Those prices are ridiculous. And you charge more for a to go box.


I agree. Those prices are ridiculous. You can get a Chicken Fried Steak dinner at the price of your burgers. And they bring it to your table. Not to mention daily specisls.


Then The Customers Come To Wendi's Sports Bar's Defense 

Do you own a business? A small business that serves the community by having benefits and raffles to help local, real people who have an immediate need? No... But Wendi does. She works all the time even if you don't see her pretty face, trust me she's making sure all of her customers are taken care of. She adjusts and bends as far as she can to keep things comfortable for everyone. Wendi doesn't want to raise prices, Biden does and because of all the political bullshit, the little, small businesses have to as well and if she didn't, it'd just be another empty building that "use to be" on the river.
So quit bitching, go have a beer and a burger and enjoy time with good people and great food, a few critters and memories to be made. Oh and come to the benefit on Oct. 15 to support a fine local family that's dad has cancer and Wendis helping them out...

Wendi's Food, Bar, Grill, Ice Cold Beer, SetUps, Bottled Water, Atmosphere, Bartenders, Patrons, Friends, Music, Pool Tables, Big Screen TVs, Bar Stool or Tables, or Awesome Back Porch on the River is Worth Every Dollar she Charges and Much More!!!!!


I don’t believe she asked for opinions when she posted the menu. If you can’t afford it keep your opinion to yourself instead of trying to run down someone’s business. it’s childish and that’s the problem with people like you...there’s no consideration of her costs, what it takes to run it but you’ll gladly chime in with negativity. It’s tacky

To see the entire post on Facebook Click Here.

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