After her family was killed execution style last Wednesday near Houston, people are coming out in droves to help the 15-year old sole survivor.

Cassidy Stay's parents and four siblings were killed in the shootings at their home, but Cassidy survived after a bullet grazed her head and she played dead until the violence ended. Now almost $300,000 has been raised for her benefit, as she starts her new life without her family.

A Gofundme campaign started by a friend of a friend of the Stay family in Spring, has a goal of $350,000, and as it makes the rounds on social media it looks like that goal will be met sooner rather than later.  The money will go to a trust fund for Cassidy.

Ronald Lee Haskell has been arrested for the murders of the parents, Katie and Stephen Stay, and their two boys, ages 4 and 14; and two girls, ages 7 and 9.  Haskell was a former brother-in-law of the Stays, who became angry that he couldn't find his ex-wife, Melanie Kaye Haskell, who had gone to Utah to get away from him.

The funeral for the Stay family will be held on Wednesday, July 16 at 2:00PM at the Hafer Road Chapel. The visitation will be held tonight from 5:30 – 9:00PM at the Klein Funeral Home 16131 Champion Forest Dr.

There is no end date listed on the Go Fund Me campaign.