The Texas Renaissance Festival is starting this weekend in Plantersville and it promises to be the best ever. After a few years of Covid-19 worries, things are looking up for the largest renaissance festival in the state of Texas.

The 2022 season is the 48th Annual Texas Renaissance Festival. Since 1974 there has been a renaissance festival about an hour outside of Houston.

Growing up here it was always known as renfest. All one word, and you were either cool and you were going, or you weren’t.

The Texas Renaissance Festival Is The Largest In The State Of Texas

Being so close to the festival it's hard to imagine that there are other renaissance festivals in Texas, but there are. They just aren't the same enchanted spectacle.

If you have never been then you are in the minority. There is great entertainment, shoppes, food, and drink. Even though this is more of an adult playground, there is lots to do for the kids.

The festival gets bigger every year and they are always adding new things to entice us to come and see all the fairies, elves, pirates, and wenches. Every weekend has a different theme and Oktoberfest starts it off every year.

Lift Up Thy Cares At Oktoberfest With The Texas Renaissance Festival

Old Bavaria is the theme for this weekend, so get out your lederhosen and your best stein and get ready for the best of the wurst. There is even a costume contest, so make sure you have the winning costume.

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Click here for more details about the Texas Renaissance Festival and get ready to be entertained.


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