Do you love technology and science? How about just helping a cool event thrive for those who do?


As you can see, there's going to be several events displaying old and new technology at this annual Fair. Participants from 6th grade all the way to High School seniors will be showing there skills in basic mechanics as well as advanced robotics.

The Naranjo Museum of Natural History recently had a Space, Game, and Tech expo where we saw just a sample of what these kids can do with robots, and we can only wish we had the knowledge to program these little bots back in our day.

If you know someone who is interested, be sure to plant the seed in their minds to get them excited and motivated to learn everything science has to offer.

Get to know the folks putting this event together by volunteering your time to be part of something that will last in the youths' minds forever. Contact Susie Cardwell by email at, or give Susie a call at the number provided in the flyer.

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