Science is so amazing, and it has proven once again that the miracle of life is beyond all comprehension.

According to a report from NBC News, Molly Gibson was born this October after being frozen as an embryo in 1992. For those not as great at mental math like myself, that's 27 years ago.

The proud adoptive embryo parents are Tina Gibson and husband Ben Gibson. The Gibsons struggled with infertility and were originally planning to go with traditional adoption before they discovered embryo adoption.

In 2017, the Gibsons adopted their first embryo which held the previous record for a frozen embryo being born. That embryo was baby girl Emma Wren, who had been frozen for 24 years. At the time of her birth, Tina was age 25, making Emma technically almost as old as her mother.

Now in 2020, the Gibsons once again decided to adopt another embryo. The embryo they chose is actually the biological sister of Emma Wren. The Gibson's were unaware of how long this embryo had been frozen, but they soon found out they had broken another record when they were told that this embryo was frozen for 27 years.

Both embryos were adopted from the National Embryo Donation Center.  The donation center receives frozen embryos from parents who underwent IVF, but for some reason decided not to move forward with pregnancy.

Tina, who is now 29, was only conceived 18 months prior to Molly's conception. The Gibson's are filled with happiness over their miraculous family and never intended to make records or headlines.

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