I'm sure you have seen a planet or two in the past but, this week 7 of them will be visible at different times of the day.

Venus is visible most of the time and other planets show themselves to us from time to time but, this week you will have the chance to see just about all of them. According to an article posted by KVIA, Venus, Mercury, Uranus, Mars, Jupiter, Neptune and Saturn will be fairly easy to see. Saturns rings will be visible as well. (Note: Venus and Mercury will appear in the morning.) Astronomer Joe Guzman from After School Matters called it a "cosmic coincidence" and explained it this way:

“It’s the dance of the planets around the sun,” Guzman said. “It’s a natural phenomenon, and it happens once in a while. it’s not rare, but it is infrequent. It just kinda happens that they’ll still on this side of the sun, but they’ll start to separate again soon.”

Between stay-at-home orders and curfews, not to mention having very few places left open to go for entertainment period, here is something cool you can do from home. If there's too much light pollution near your home to see clearly, the open desert areas on the edges of El Paso are perfect for this. It's also gotten too cold for the rattlesnakes to be out so, you can chill in the desert without watching your every step. Just remember to dress warmly and don't forget your telescope.

If you need a telescope, click here. To see when and where to look, click here.

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