I really don't have to say much. This video speaks for itself. It's titled "NASA | Thermonuclear Art – The Sun In Ultra-HD (4K)," and it really is a work of art.

NASA Goddard via YouTube

Your parents always told you not to stare at the sun, but our folks never imagined we would get a high definition recording of the sun so up-close and personal.

You could just pop this video up in the background of your computer screen and leave it playing, but it's so captivating that you just might lose 30 minutes of your life staring into this video. Not to say those 30 minutes lost would be wasted. We actually get to appreciate a sight that our ancestors never dreamt of, and that's pretty cool.

Check out more of NASA's videos if you don't have a lot of work to get done today. If your boss gets upset, just show them this video and they'll be hypnotized too.

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