Most people cut their fingernails at least once a month. I'm usually doing it at least twice a month. Can you imagine not cutting your fingernails for almost 30 years?

That was the case with Guinness World Record holder and Houston, Texas native Ayanna Williams. She has held the record for the longest nails since 2017. Normal activities like painting her nails took over 20 hours and multiple bottles of polish.

Now it was time to part with them. But, how do you cut the worlds longest nails? Williams went to a Fort Worth dermatologists office to have them cut with a piece of equipment usually reserved for wood work. The staff took it slow one nail at a time and got the job done.

Williams was understandably having issues with pain in her thumbs and knuckles from the 24 feet of the 10 nails. The nails looked very strange where they met her fingers. Years of polish, and gluing back broken nails, didn't help with the weight. This video is so very satisfying. I would love to see a video of her getting a manicure and getting them shorter and done perfect again.

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If you are looking to catch a glimpse of the nails in person, they will be on display in Orlando, Florida at the Orlando Odditorium. Williams said that she will now keep her nails a more reasonable 6 inches in the future.  That is still much longer than normal for most people, but for her it will be a welcome change.

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