Kids are notorious for hating spelling tests, so this teacher decided to have some fun when giving one.

Joey Dombrowski is a teacher in Michigan who got a jump on April Fool's Day by giving his students a spelling test with words he made up.

It starts off innocently enough, but it's not long before his students become incredulous.

Well done, Mr. Dombrowski. We can only assume he prepped for his big viral stunt by enjoying some Whopper toothpaste because he certainly went all in for April Fool's Day.

He is definitely the kind of teacher you want and you just know next summer when students get their class assignments, there's going to be all that chatter of "You got Mr. D? You're so lucky. He gives fake spelling tests and is so fun," all of which means he's going to have a heck of a time topping this. But that's okay -- he's got a year to think of something.

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