If ever there was a feature that would make me want to buy a Tesla, this would be it.

If you dig down deeply enough into the options on vehicle sounds on your shiny new electric Tesla vehicle you'll eventually find its Fart Mode.

Yes, Fart Mode. Never let it be said that the guys at Tesla don't have a sense of humor.

This guy found it and he's having way too much fun with it.

In the video, 27 year old Beau Brown passes through the multiple fart sounds his Tesla can make. They range from Random to Ludicrous to Falcon Heavy. You can even program them to sound from various speakers around the vehicle. Want them to come only from the passenger side rear? No problem. From the driver's area? You got it. With the 'Fart on Demand' function activated you can press an inconspicuous button on your steering wheel and make it sound like your passenger is stuck in the 'passing' lane.

You can also program your Tesla to 'Fart on Turn Signal'. To find this feature on your Tesla look in the 'Emissions' category in the 'Toy Box.'

I'm not saying I'm going to buy a Tesla the next time I'm in the market for a new vehicle, but I'm definitely going to check one out. They sound like they're a real toot ... I mean hoot to drive.

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