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Rains Mean Drought is Over — For Now
Foresters at the Texas Forest Service say they have good news and bad news.  The good news is that because of an unusually wet winter and spring, the worst drought in the state's history has finally ended, in east Texas. The bad news is that many areas of the state are primed for another hot and dry summer.  Wildfire season is just around the corner, and the state and federal agencies that deal wi
Fire Danger Continues Despite Cooler Weather
The Texas Forest Service and local fire departments say despite the cooler weather, and a little rain here and there, the state's high fire danger hasn't gone away. Here in east Texas, conditions are dry as they've ever been, and the bans on outdoor burning are still in effect.
East Texas Forest Economy Takes Huge Hit from Wildfires
We've known for some time that this year's wildfire season has been the worst in the state's history, but now we know what that means in dollars and cents for the east Texas timber industry. The Texas Forest Service reports over the last 10 months, east Texas wildfires have wiped out more than $97 million worth of the region’s trees.
Wildfires Burn – No Relief in Sight
Adding to the more than 3.5 million acres that have burned in Texas this year, a relentless string of wildfires has burned more than 14 thousand acres in nine east Texas counties since the weekend.
Jasper Wildfire Grows to 1000 Acres
You just thought the wildfires were behind us.  A new fire in northern Jasper County has grown to a thousand acres, and a second fire in the same area is big and growing.  The good news is that firefighters say the bigger fire is mostly contained -- for now.

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