Firefighters working record breaking fires in several east Texas counties say the rain that fell yesterday and overnight is a godsend, and they're thankful, but much more rain is needed because the fires are still out of control in many areas.



So far, the Bearing Fire in Polk and Trinity Counties has claimed two homes and six hunting cabins.  No injuries are reported, but even after yesterday's rain, this fire is only 60 percent contained.

Fifty miles away in Jasper County, firefighters are also making progress on the Power Line Fire, which is now 75 percent contained.

The one bit of good news is that all mandatory evacuations have been called off.

\via Wildfire fighters welcome arrival of rain - The Lufkin Daily News:.

With so many wildfires in so many areas, the state's firefighting resources are strained to the max.  Firefighters are exhausted, and it's reported that some older volunteers are giving up and going home.  State and local fire managers are asking the public for financial aid to help the effort.


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