This weekend get the kids together for a post-pandemic treat, and take them to see their favorite movie on a big screen. This Saturday July 17th, they are showing 'Minions' at the Pines Theater in Downtown Lufkin at 7pm.

Ancient Minion History

When 'Despicable Me' came out in 2010, who would have thought that those little guys would become the big stars they are today. Quickly getting their own short, and a feature length movie.

Then 'Minions' came out back in 2015 we didn't know how that would even work. When the movie grossed 1.1 billion worldwide, it became clearer, and the sequels followed.

Every Halloween you can see kids at the Ellen Trout Zoo - Zoo Boo, dressed up like minions. Strange that no kids ever dressed as Gru to lead them.

There are now 3 full length 'Minions' centric movies. The latest one 'Minions: The Rise Of Gru' was perhaps delayed due to the pandemic, and will hopefully come out next summer.

The Pines Experience 

There is so much to say about the awesomeness that is 'The Pines Theater' in Lufkin. The facility is now run by the Angelina Arts Alliance.

Since they have recently taken over, the movies that were shown have had a wider appeal . If some patrons had their way, I am sure it would still be showing old movies, and appealing to a much different audience.

Rent The Pines 

They have made the Pines available for rental to host your next event. They even have special rates for non-profit, private, and for profit rentals.

Upcoming Events

They have a more adult movie coming out on September 11th at 7pm, they are showing 'Man from Snowy River' back on the big screen.

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