Not many afternoons on the slopes end worse than this one.

Natty Hagood, 29, a ski instructor at Wyoming's Jackson Hole Mountain Resort will probably be sidelined after his face was impaled by a branch while he attempted to jump between a pair of trees:

It was our first run of the day. I had made the first five turns and was coming back to lift line when I saw a gap between two trees. With my experience, you can bash between trees and it’s not that big of a deal. But this time I guess I didn’t get away with it."

Hagood didn't feel any pain. What's even more amazing is that he snapped part of the branch off, cutting it down from 18 inches to six.

As you might imagine, getting a chunk of a tree removed from your face costs a little bit of money, so Hagood set up a GoFundMe page  to help defray some of the expenses.

In addition to looking for some cash, Hagood also took the opportunity to share some of the photos of what he looked like. If you're queasy, look away because the shots are pretty gruesome.