A dilemma we all face could be a thing of the past.

An enterprising man named Jack Campbell has developed something called the PooPerch -- a tray designed to hold your cell phone that attaches under a toilet paper dispenser.

It's an interesting idea, since so many of us bring our phones into the john and then fumble while trying to figure out where to put it while we tend to our business. Campbell cites data claiming one-in-five people will drop our phone into the toilet and you can see why there may be a need for the PooPerch.

Campbell created a Kickstarter page for his product, but, unlike so many of our bowels, no one was moved. He failed to reach his fundraising goal, having only gotten a grand total of $321, well short of the $8,000 he sought. We're not sure why it didn't resonate with the public. It could be that there wasn't a huge social media campaign or a flashy video to get people excited.

There's also the minor detail of where the PooPerch should be kept. Is it a portable item you carry with you or is it supposed to remain in bathrooms all the time? Whatever the reason, it didn't catch on, but we hope he doesn't flush his dream of bringing this to market down the toilet.

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