Texans can come up with some goodies!  Just look at any kindergarten class list, and high five yourself for stamping your kids with some unique, cool, and creative names.

A new list is out, and please share your thoughts.  Are the quirkiest baby names in Texas really that quirky?

Nameberry broke it down by state, and said these are the  Quirkiest Favorite Girls' and Boys' Names.

For girls in Texas - Renata

For boys in Texas - Mauro

Not that quirky are they?  Other states came up with names like Etta, Aspyn, Oakleigh, Santana, and Hollis, Haddie, and Taya for girls.  And for boys, Jordy, Umar, Brecken, Jarvis, Banks, Jaron, Estevan, and Kenji.

There is your kindergarten class of 2022.

Can you imagine all of the Breckens, Britneys, Kaitlyns, and Hunters in nursing homes someday?  Weird thought, I know.  But we're all going to get old and we'll take our names with us, and it's hard to picture those cute little McKennas and Brodys as old people.

If your name is John, James, Stephanie, or Jennifer - some of the most popular names of the past - are you suddenly feeling a little less popular?  Parents aren't choosing those names for their kids as much anymore, and we're moving over to make room for Teagans and Bridgers.

It all sounds like a good group of pinochle players in the nursing home someday.  Right there with the Renatas and Mauros.

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