There's a lot of uncertainty concerning what's going to transpire over the next 24-48 hours across East Texas.  I'm talking about the polar blast that's bringing a big chill to the Lone Star State. The picture above is not one of the expected scenarios, but it's still a cool photo.

How cold and/or icy is it going to be?

That's a good question, and apparently, a rather tough one to answer.  The East Texas forecast over the past 24 hours has been changed back and forth four times.  The main uncertainties lie in just how cold it's going to get and whether an icy mess is heading our way.

At first, meteorologists said no to an icy scenario for the Pineywoods, then they said freezing rain would be a possible problem, then no, then yes, and now, no again.

So, what's the final word?

Bear in mind, this could still change, but here's the latest.

A Winter Storm Warning is in effect from midnight tonight through 6 p.m. Thursday for areas to our north and west including Smith and Anderson Counties.  A Winter Weather Advisory is in place for the same time frame for Cherokee, Houston, Rusk and Gregg Counties.  Angelina, Nacogdoches, Trinity, Polk, and other counties directly to the east are NOT under any warnings or advisories, as of 9 a.m. on 2/2.

That being said, there is still a slight chance of sleet/snow in the Lufkin/Nacogdoches area Thursday evening, but no significant accumulations are expected. However, if the temperatures get just a few degrees colder than expected on Thursday afternoon, a whole new scenario could play out with very hazardous travel across much of Deep East Texas.

Road crews with the Texas Department of Transportation have been busy treating bridges and overpasses to prepare for any and all scenarios.  As always, listen to KICKS 105 for the latest updates and download our free KICKS 105 App to have weather alerts sent to your smartphone.

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