In 2013 the first self-checkout arrived at the Lufkin Walmart Supercenter. How do I know that?

There was a huge controversy. One that still divides shoppers in our area. Most with the same "I don't want to work for Walmart by checking out my own groceries" argument.

If you are just running in for a few items then the self-checkout is pretty convenient. Trying to check out your own groceries when you have a ton of produce and a full cart is hard work.

There Will Still Be 12 Regular Checkout Lanes At The Lufkin Walmart 

Now for the first time, there will possibly be more self-checkouts than regular checkouts at the Lufkin Walmart. Luckily there will still be 12 regular lanes of checking.

In my opinion, there should always be a few regular checkout lanes. They have to be there for elderly and disabled people that are in need of full-service help with their groceries.

Currently they are in the process of replacing about 10 lanes of regular checkout stands with these self-service stands.

What Is In The Boxes We See In The Picture 

This picture was from the Lufkin Walmart Supercenter. NCR (National Cash Register) is a company that makes these self-checkout kiosks.

There are many alternatives to using self-checkouts at Walmart. I use the curbside pickup and this reminds me of the days when you would get your groceries taken out to your car.

I like the scan-and-go system that they use at Sam's Club. That might be the real answer one day, unless you just need one banana and not ten.

Almost every grocery store in Lufkin has self-checkouts. There were even a few new ones at the Brookshire Brothers on Frank St. in Lufkin when I went by there on Saturday.

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