Ford has been sparking interest in their vehicles in all kinds of new ways. In April I got to drive the new Mustang Mach-E when one first arrived at Lufkin Ford.

Now they have the all new full size Ford Bronco in the showroom. This one is a dealer demo and is not for sale, making it possible to get a glimpse of everything it has to offer.

This vehicle comes from the factory ready to off-road with the best of them. You could go out on the trail with the entire family and still have every amenity.

Bronco Features

Broncos come with removable body panels and tops. The controls are waterproof and you can get marine grade leather seats.

This Bronco is the soft-top roof spec, and letting in the sunshine is easier than you would expect. It should be even easier on the two door version of the Bronco.

The back tailgate is a side opening affair. Pull it open and it stops at 90 degrees, just in case there is someone in the parking spot next to you. Keep pulling and it will open all the way.

Where To See This One

This one is right in the middle of the showroom at Lufkin Ford. Available for public viewing on the loop in Lufkin.

I have seen so many great vehicles in their showroom over the years. Mustang Shelby Cobras come to mind.

If you have seen a new Bronco driving around town, it's most likely a Bronco Sport. This is not that, and is a very different beast.

First Look - 2021 Ford Bronco


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