I was reporting the story of Lufkin's Texas Roadhouse in the Lufkin Mall Parking lot from the start. Driving by the worksite daily I was able to follow the progress and see what was going on.

Many of you might have seen those stories. The anticipation of a new place to eat was fun to watch over the past few months.

Now that it's open and serving customers daily, I thought it would be a good time to go back through all those pictures and reminisce about all the progress.

How Did This All Start?

Back at the beginning of February 2021 I was driving past the Lufkin Mall. I noticed workers ripping up the parking lot in an unexpected place.

They were right in front of the pickup stand for Chick-Fil-A. The removed area of concrete was way too small for a Texas Roadhouse.

It was too close to the Boot Barn and smack dab in the way of everything. I was expecting the Roadhouse to be somewhere else in the parking lot.

How Did This All Happen? 

As I drove passsed on my way to the station everyday, I would look and see if there were any notable changes. It started out slow, but work progressed pretty quickly.

I rounded up all of the pictures that I took over the past 7 months of progress. Then I put them below in a gallery.

How Are Thing Going There Now?

Things seem to be great for the employees and patrons of the new restaurant. I haven't heard anything but glowing reviews so far. 

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There are reports of people just going up there and getting seated immediately and eating. If you are waiting for the 'craziness' or the 'newness' to wear off, don't.


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