Don't let the current weather rain on your parade. If you have plans to go tonight, keep them. This line of storms will be gone and the chance of rain will be zero.

We have been enjoying some unseasonably warm weather in Deep East Texas this past weekend. Once the rain pushes through, it will be much cooler.

When the parade starts it should be 55 degrees. The wind will have died down, but we could still have winds gusting 10-20 mph. Some extra layers to keep the wind out would be a great idea.

The Lufkin Christmas Parade Is On

Local celebrity and Kicks 105 Morning Show host Danny Merrell will be there to MC the parade. If you want more insight into what the parade floats are and enjoy some entertainment before the parade, he will be set up in front of the Pines Theater.

He will be playing some holiday music in that area for you to enjoy. There will also be a smattering of dad jokes and Christmas puns.

Getting a prime spot to watch the parade close to where he is or directly across from him, will put you in the center of the action on First Street.

The Floats Will Be Lit 

Now that we know the parade has the full cooperation of the weather we can talk about the way it's going to look. The floats will all be illuminated and follow this year's theme "A Hometown Christmas".

After the past couple of years, we really do need a hometown Christmas more than ever. Here is the route the parade is going to take to plan your spot.

City Of Lufkin, Texas
City Of Lufkin, Texas

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