When you are driving around Lufkin you might notice there are some very large city vehicles. These types of vehicles require a Class B or greater Texas CDL driver's license.

The need right now is for solid waste truck drivers in Lufkin. These workers are the backbone of our city, and I am thankful for them every day.

All we have to do is take our trash cans to the curb and they magically get emptied. If you already do this job know that you are appreciated.

Garbage Truck Drivers Needed

I know there are pretty words you can use like refuse, but it's a garbage truck. We all know what it is. I don't think there should be any stigma attached to this much-needed professional service. You will be an essential worker that is available for emergencies.

The starting pay is $16.0527 per hour. This could be a pretty solid payday for someone you know in need of a job.

The City of Lufkin needs someone who can operate refuse and recycling equipment safely and efficiently. They have paid time off and paid training. See if you qualify below.


- Ability to perform strenuous physical labor, including lifting up to 75 pounds
- Knowledge of operation and maintenance of trucks and equipment
- Ability to understand and carry out written and oral instructions
- Ability to communicate effectively both written and verbal
- Ability to interact with City employees and the public in a positive manner
- High School Diploma/GED
- Valid Class B or greater Texas CDL Driver’s License at time of hire
- Clear driving record
Duties Include
- Operating refuse and recyclables collection equipment in a safe and efficient manner
- Daily maintenance of vehicles and equipment
- Daily reporting
- Available for emergency call
Find out more about this opportunity online at cityoflufkin.com/jobs or call 936-633-0228.

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