While you are dreaming, you might as well dream big. To put it lightly the Austin housing market has been booming in the middle of a pandemic.

This property is a prime example of just how fast things have been moving. The house had a tax assessment of $683,830 in 2017 and is now on the market for almost $3 million dollars.

Granted three million dollars in Texas gets you a lot more house than in most places. This home boasts 4 bedrooms, 5 full bathrooms, 2 partial bathrooms, and 7,055 square feet on 5 acres.

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The Windmill Ceiling Fan in the living room alone is $2000 and made by a local Texas business in Dallas. That ceiling fan runs on electricity collected in the solar panels over the carport along with everything else in the home.

There is also a rainwater catchment system that is supplemented by a well on the property. Free electricity and water might help you pay the over $18,000 a month mortgage right?

I'm not trying to hit you with too many pricing realities that are going to burst your bubble. I just like to imagine who can pay that much a month for a home, and how they got there. 

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Solar Home In Austin Generates Its Own Power For Its Many Amenities 

There is even a place to plug in your Tesla under the carport with the solar panels. Now that Elon Musk lives in Austin and is reportedly sleeping on friends' couches, this might be just the place for him to crash.

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This place really does have it all.

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Blue Hills Ranch boasts two unique cabins settled on a ranch that is home to 150 acre Giraffe and Animal Sanctuary. The sanctuary is in the small town of McGregor, which is located just outside of Waco.

Could you imagine waking up to the sound of giraffe grazing just outside your window? Do giraffe even make much noise while grazing? I don't know but I'll tell you what, I'd love to find out.


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