In early September of 2020, 6 UPS trucks in Lufkin were hit by catalytic converter thefts. Each of the trucks has two catalytic converters, so they were taken for 11 in total. 

According to the Lufkin Police Department, sometime between April 30th, 2022 and May 1st, 2022 UPS at 2805 South First Street in Lufkin, was hit again. This time 15 trucks were hit for a grand total of 27 catalytic converters. 

I can only imagine the sound as all 15 trucks erupted with the sound of a muffler-free exhaust early Sunday morning. I've had that same feeling in our parking lot at the station and it's so loud.  

Why Do People Keep Stealing Catalytic Converters In Lufkin, Texas? 

The stories just won't stop coming in. Thieves are stealing catalytic converters at an alarming rate. 

I'm starting to think that we have hit critical mass on these thefts because people are taking action to protect them. Some businesses are taking huge losses. 

The exhaust parts are worth about $100 - $200 on the black market, but the cost of replacing them can be well over $1,000. The precious metal inside is where the real money is. 

Stealing A Catalytic Converter Is Easy, Protecting Them Is Hard 

The thieves usually hit easy targets, and it's super easy to roll under a UPS truck and cut them out. Access and opportunity are the issues they are facing, especially on busy US 59/I 69. 

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At this point, they should start doing background checks on anyone purchasing blades for these electric hacksaws. What used to take a lot of effort due to modern tools, just takes seconds. 

Security Devices For Your Catalytic Converter

Using a combination of these products could prevent you from becoming a victim of this senseless property crime.

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