There is just something about the smell when you walk into an antique store. It brings back memories of special finds with special people.

You never know what you will find when you go antiquing, but you are always going to have a great time. Slow down this Saturday, April 30th, 2022, and take some time to go to the Downtown Lufkin Antiques Weekend.

Shops will be opening up around 10 am and there will be food trucks downtown for lunch. 58 Junction will be set up in the parking lot of Amazing Grace Antiques. There will be other food vendors joining in, along with all the great restaurants to eat located downtown.

The following shops will be participating - 

  • Heritage Antiques
  • Circa 1912
  • A Furniture Fetish
  • Amazing Grace Antiques
  • Hicks Antiques
  • Wishing Well Antiques Warehouse

Antique Sidewalk Sale This Weekend In Downtown Lufkin

You will find that these vendors haven't all just relegated the antiques to the inside of their buildings. Heritage Antiques will have their Vintage Flea market out in the parking lot.

There will be booths and tables set up outside many of the other retailers as well. Furniture Fetish is also having a sidewalk sale, and they have a huge selection right now.

You can stop into any of these locations and pick up a map to all the others, so you can spend the day rummaging through vintage items.

Find Old Vinyl Inside Heritage Antiques In Lufkin, Texas 

The last time I went antiquing I was looking for old records. I bought a new record player and wanted to try it out.

Not to brag, but records were a little before my time. I was more of a cassette/CD kind of guy. If you are looking for some vinyl hit up Mike's booth inside Heritage Antiques.

I've found some great stuff at all of these stores in the past - happy hunting!

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